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Student Wifi

Students can access Wifi when on campus by selecting Eduroam from the list of available networks on their device and using their NCI network credentials to login - A student's username should be in the format of and the password is the one created when registering with the college.

To learn more about how to connect to the Eduroam Wifi please read the following article: How to connect to Eduroam

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How to reset my Network Password 



All students will need to view their class timetable to find out when classes are.

This can be done 2 ways:

    1. myTimetable web app – if you are fully registered and have been for a minimum of 48hrs you will be able to see your class information through the myTimetable app. The information displayed through the app is specific to the individual’s registration so they will only see class information that is relevant to them.

      You can sync this timetable to the calendar app on your smart device by selecting the subscribe button a the top right-hand corner of the page.
    2. Timetable Website The timetable website is open to all students and shows the timetables for all courses. The main difference between this website compared to the myTimetable App is that students are required to use a filter to find the correct timetable and for courses that have different tutorial groups these timetables will show all tutorial events on the timetable. Students would need to know which tutorial group they are in, in order to know which events to attend.

Here’s a guide on How to view your Course Timetable

For students who have online learning events scheduled in their timetable, you will find the class link in your teams calendar.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an online environment where students can attend online classes & tutorials and also a community space where students can communicate with staff and students.

To get started with MS Teams please follow the steps outlined in the following article - Getting started with Teams and online classes?

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Microsoft Teams 


Support Hub

The NCI Support Hub is what you are viewing now. It's the college’s shared knowledgebase and support page, the Support Hub has articles from over 15 departments within the college. The Support Hub contains over 500 useful articles and also allows both Staff and Students the option of submitting support requests with several departments. To use the NCI Support Hub, simply type a keyword or question in the search box, and make sure to sign in before you search. 

If a suitable answer to your question is not returned, you can click Submit a request from the top right and select the department of your choice.

For guidance on how to login to the Support Hub see: How do I access and sign into the NCI Support Hub

Image of the Support Hub

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The Support Hub



Click here to go to Moodle

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create a personalised learning environment.

Lecturers within the National College of Ireland use Moodle to upload course notes and accept student submissions, amongst other things. 

Students can see course notes, assignments, forums, and quizzes within Moodle. 

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Click here to go to MyDetails

MyDetails is an online portal that allows students to view their registration information, update personal information i.e. current address etc., pay fees and view exam results.

To access your account, click here: MyDetails Login

You will be presented with the below. Type your username in the format of - x12345678 and enter the password* you created when registering.

*Remember this password is separate to your Office365 password.

If you need to reset your MyDetails password, please read the following article: How do I reset my MyDetails/Quercus password?


image of MyDetails login


Password Management

Click here to go to Password Manager

Password Management is an online service that allows students to register, reset or change their network password at any time. To access this service open the following link on a device that has internet access -

Once on the homepage, you can select the option that is most applicable to you and then follow the instructions presented to you.


Image of Password Management portal

For security reasons, if you incorrectly enter your network password multiple times when trying to access any NCI online services, your IT account will be locked. If this happened, the Password Management service can help you reset your account so you can regain access.

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MyApps Portal

Click here to go to MyApps Portal

MyApps is an online portal that provides students with access to online versions of Microsoft Office365 desktop apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and some other cloud-based apps which help students to share files and collaborate on them in real-time.

On the portal, there is also a section with links to NCI specific online apps for ease of use, such as myTimetables, The Support Hub, Virtual Desktop etc.


Image of MyApps portal

Through the MyApps portal students can install a copy of Office365 desktop to their personal device. See: How do I get a copy of Microsoft Office to install on my personal device

See more articles relating to the MyApps Portal here:

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Printing, Photocopying & Scanning

Click here to go to Student Print to top-up

Printing, Photocopying & Scanning facilities are available to students when on campus.

New Students are given a €5.00 credit when they first start with NCI.

Printing & Photocopying Costs:

  • Black & White: 8 cents per page
  • Colour: 50 cents per page

*Scanning is free and setup to send to student's student email accounts.

Students will need to swipe their student cards on the printers when printing/photocopying - see the following guide for details - How can students print when on campus?

If you need to add more credit, you can do so using this guide - How do I check or top up my print balance?

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