How do I request a letter?

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Abigail McConnell
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Follow these simple steps to request a letter:  

  1. Ensure your home & mailing address is up to date on MyDetails
  2. Log in to NCI360  
  3. Select Student Letter Hub to access the letters listed below
  • Registration Letter: This letter is only suitable for students who start their course in September. It can be used as proof of enrollment for the academic year September - August at NCI. This letter is not suitable for students who commence their course in the January intake as the enrollment dates will be incorrect. For students who commence in January the Reference letter below will be suitable. Please note this letter cannot be used to register or renew your permission with Irish immigration. For more information on how to get a letter for immigration please continue reading below.
  • Reference Letter: A basic letter that confirms that you are a registered student at NCI. It can be used as proof of the student’s status at NCI to apply for the student leap card or to provide landlords when searching for accommodation.
  • Casual Work letter: International students on a valid student visa (stamp 2) are permitted to reside in the State and to avail of a work concession for casual work. You can use this letter to submit to employers to inform them of the details of the work concession and confirm your status as a student at NCI. 
  • Bank letter: One of the required documents to open a bank account is proof of address. Once students have secured accommodation and have updated their MyDetails account they will be able to use this letter as proof of address. 
  • PPSN Tax Number letter: The awarding body for NCI is QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland). QQI requires all students to have a PPSN to graduate and receive their parchment. A PPSN is also needed to work in Ireland as it is required for tax purposes. 
  • Visa Invitation letter: Friends and family wishing to visit NCI students in Ireland may require a visa to travel to Ireland. You can use this letter to give to your friends and family to submit as part of their visa application. Please see here for more information.
  • Travel Visa Application letter: If you wish to travel outside of the Republic of Ireland you may require a visa. If you require a visa, you can use this letter to support your application.
  • Education Bond letter: Some students have education bonds that require a letter to release the funds. You can use this letter to do so.
  • Graduate Visa Letter: This letter can only be issued to students who have a final set of results and are applying for the 1G Graduate Visa. For more information about applying for the 1G visa please see here

Letters requested from NCI360 will be sent to your student email within a few minutes after the request, except for the graduate visa letter which will take up to 3 business days. Please note that it takes 24 hours for the system to update a new address. If you are requesting bank or PPSN letter and you have just changed your address please wait 24 hours before requesting the letter.


Letters for Immigration

Irish immigration letters are issued by the International office. For further information on how to obtain a letter for immigration please see the article below that applies to you,

First time registration 

Visa Renewal

Graduate Visa (1G)


Any other letters not mentioned above can be requested by completing a Letter Request Form and submitting it to the International Office on the NCI Support Hub

Note: The International Office working days are Monday-Friday so if you request a letter by 4pm on Monday you will receive it by Wednesday and if you request a letter by 4pm on Friday you will receive it by Tuesday.

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