How do I apply for the 1G (graduate) visa?

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International Students must be resident in Ireland to apply for the 1G visa. Students can only apply for their 1G visa when they successfully complete their studies and after the official publication of the final results. Unfortunately we are unable to issue a letter to support a 1G visa application beforehand. It's also important to note that if you are unsuccessful in your studies and opt to exit with a postgraduate diploma the timeline to receive this letter is at least 4 weeks later (November, March, July). Please see how do I exit with a postgraduate award for more information. 

Information on the Third Level Graduate Scheme is available on the Immigration Service website.


Documents required to apply

  1. NCI Graduate Visa Letter or QQI Parchment 
  2. Medical Insurance 
  3. IRP Card - current and in date student IRP card (Irish Residence Permit)

See the immigration website for the most up to date list of required documents - immigration website.

NCI Graduate Visa Letter - This letter can be requested on NCI360 via the student letter hub once final results have been published. Once you request the letter, it will be emailed to you by the International office within 48 hours and it will be emailed to your student email address.  Please refrain from submitting a ticket request or email to us during this time.


QQI Parchment - The QQI parchment is issued to students at the graduation ceremony and is accepted by immigration for the Third Level Graduate Scheme (1G visa).  See article on How do i get my parchment?

Medical Insurance - Students can buy medical insurance from any provider, but it must be from an Irish provider – see the NCI Website for information on Insurance.


Exam Transcripts - Immigration have confirmed that as students are applying for the visa online the NCI graduate visa letter or QQI Parchment is sufficient and transcripts are not required.

Please note transcripts are posted to students by the exams office so students must ensure their home and mailing address in Ireland is up to date. Students can update their address with MyDetails Login.


How to apply

Students living in Dublin can use the online renewal system to move to the Stamp 1G or 1A visa. Follow the steps below to apply for the Third Level Graduate Scheme, 1G Visa. 

  1. Go to the Irish Immigration website for visa renewal and set up an account.
  2. Select the option Applications for Permission to Remain in the State and then the option Registration Renewal.  Complete the application form online and in the section Immigration Permission from the drop down list select Stamp 1G or 1A.  Complete the application and submit uploading all supporting documents and paying the fee. *Note: To avoid getting an error message students whose IRP card will expire in more than one month should enter the current date in this field.*
  3. Scan and upload the page in your passport that contains your personal details.
  4. Once your application is processed you will receive your new IRP card in the post a few weeks later.
  5. Registration renewal processing times and further information can be found on the immigration website.

Due to backlogs in visa renewals this process can take a number of weeks for immigration to
process. NCI cannot lobby or query renewals on behalf of students and if you have any queries for immigration, you must email


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