How do I update MyDetails as a new international student?

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Sheila Mahon
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All Students must keep their student record updated with their correct details. When International students start at NCI they must update their student record with their Irish address, mobile number and PPSN (tax number). This is done using the MyDetails system.


First time logging in

It is best to access MyDetails from a laptop rather than a mobile device.

Students must first set their password for myDetails to access the system. It is important to note that this is different to the password reset that students use for all other NCI systems.

Login with your student number as the username with the x in front of it e.g. x12345678.


Editing the Home & Mailing Address

Click on the photograph to bring up your contact details. Select the option to edit the address.

When entering an address for Ireland you should use the following format;

  • Apartment Number (if applicable)
  • House Number & Street Name
  • Area e.g. Beaumont
  • County e.g. Dublin
  • Postcode is called an Eircode in Ireland (you can search for your Eircode here)

When entering the mobile phone number, it must be entered with the full international country code such as +353 for Ireland.  Remember to update both the Home and Mailing address so they are the same.

Please note that it takes 24 hours for the system to update your new address. If you are requesting letter for your PPSN and Bank letters you will need to wait for the address to update before requesting the letters.

See NCI guide for updating your personal information.

Updating the PPSN

Students must update their student record with their PPSN number as this is a requirement for QQI for all students to graduate. Edit your profile section and enter the PPSN. 

**If you notice an issue with your first name, surname or DOB - DO NOT EDIT IN MYDETAILS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  You must email and they will contact you directly regarding updating this information** 

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