Update to New Teams to Avoid Calendar Sync Issues

Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes
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The IT Department has been informed about an issue in Teams that inaccurately displays certain calendar events as occurring a day later. This issue arises when viewing the calendar in the "Week" view rather than "Work Week." Users may observe meetings incorrectly appearing one day ahead in this view. However, switching to the "Work Week" view to address this problem would result in the loss of visibility for Saturdays and Sundays.

This issue is not affecting users who have switched to the new Teams version.

Issue reported

When I select Work Week, my scheduled appointments are on the correct days. When I choose Week, my meetings shift one day later. 


Users have been advised by Microsoft to upgrade to the latest version of Teams. This can be accomplished by following the three outlined steps provided in the article below. The update process is expected to take no more than one minute.

Steps on updating to New Teams

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