How can I be more sustainable as a student?

Joana Rebola
Joana Rebola
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Here are 15 sustainability ideas, you can use them to help save the planet while saving some money too!


1. Use reusable containers whenever possible, and consider investing in a reusable water bottle.

2. Use the recycling bins around the NCI campus, for all dry recyclables

3. Reutilise school supplies (make sure you use your pens until the end, and old notebooks, or
recycle/upcycle notebooks)

4. Go digital with note taking when possible (assignments are handed in electronically).

5. Cycle to campus (NCI campus features a bike cage at the parking lot, where you can store
your bicycle safely), or use public transport.

6. Swap books – Did you know there is a swap book wall outside the international Office (on the
4th floor)? You can leave a book you have already read and just take a new one with you!

7. If you are moving apartment and find yourself with extra things you don’t want to take with
you, consider donating them to other students, or to a charity shop.

8. Be on the lookout for non-plastic packaging at the grocery store or supermarket.

9. The afterparty - offer to help friends clean up after parties. Bottles and plastic can be
recycled. And corks, jars and bottles can also be upcycled into all kinds of things!

10. Recycle old electronics – in shops that accept them, or on one of Dublin’s bring centres, see
more information here.

11. Shop in charity shops, there are many of them, especially in Dublin City centre.

12. Turn off your gaming devices, laptops, and TV when not in use. Even sleep mode wastes

13. Buy local produce at farmers’ markets, there are many in Ireland that happen fairly regularly.

14. Encourage your friends too and help each other to be more “green”. We are in this together!

15. Check out more tips on The Lazy Person’s Guide to Changing the World: The Lazy Person's
Guide to Saving the World - United Nations Sustainable Development

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