How do I book the NCI Airport Shuttle?

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As part of NCI’s support for international students we offer a complimentary airport shuttle service for students arriving to Ireland for the first time. It is available for flights scheduled to arrive into Dublin between 6am and 8.30pm. The shuttle service operates only during a short time, before classes start in September and in January. Exact operating dates can be found here

How to book the airport shuttle

If you wish to book the shuttle service, you must complete the Registration Form and make sure you submit at least 5 working days prior to your arrival.

When booking the shuttle, you must provide us with the following information:

  • Your arrival address in Dublin
  • Airline e.g. Emirates
  • Flight number which is usually a code made up of a 2-character airline designator and a1-4 digit number, e.gEK161
  • Arrival time and day–the arrival time on your ticket is local Dublin time so there is no need to change it, please give us the time as stated on your ticket.

Rules for the Airport Shuttle

The shuttle is a shared service for all incoming NCI students, there are rules you need to respect:

  1. Times: The service is available for flights scheduled to arrive into Dublin between 06:00 (6am) and 20:30 hours (8.30pm). The NCI Airport Shuttle is not available to book outside of these hours.

  2. Keep in touch with the driver with ‘WhatsApp’, when boarding the plane and on arrival in Ireland and let them know if there are any delays.
  3. The service is for NCI students only. It is not available for family members, friends or students of other institutions.
  4. No strong - smelling foods or drink are allowed on the shuttle bus.
  5. There is a single drop-off rule in place which means that the driver can only bring you from the airport directly to your accommodation in Dublin, with no stops along the way.
  6. Due to space restrictions, there is a limit of 3 pieces of luggage per student.

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