Can I do an internship as an international student?

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Some NCI programmes have work placement as a specific part of their programme. Work Placement Officers based in the School and Careers will assist students in securing placement.

International students on a stamp 2 student visa looking to do an internship during their studies must make sure they follow the rules and regulations of their visa.

Paid Internships/Work placements are allowed when they are part of the academic programme, are accredited and contribute to the final award, subject to the following rules.

  • The internship or work placement part of the programme cannot exceed 50% of the duration of the programme e.g. a 4 year programme would permit 2 years of work placement. In addition, the employment cannot be in a self employed capacity.
  • Work placements as part of an academic programme must form an integral part of the programme which contributes to the final award. 
  • Educational facilities must also ensure that the placements are suited to the programme being pursued.

Frequently asked Questions

Q - My programme has an accredited internship and I found a company that has offered me an opportunity, can I accept it?

A - Maybe, the Careers Team must first go through an approval process with your School to ensure that the placement is appropriate to the nature and level of the academic programme being pursued. Please contact the Careers Team at NCI before accepting any offer.

Q - I'm a January MSc (Cybersecurity, FinTech or Artificial Intelligence) intake student. Can I do the internship during September-December even though it's not during the stamp 2 full-time working hours?

A- Yes, since the internship is a part of the academic programme is it allowed. 

Q - My programme doesn't have an accredited internship module can I still do a paid internship?

A - Yes, you can still do a paid internship as long as it does not impact your attendance and studies and you are following the working rules of your visa. On the stamp 2 student visa you can work 20 hours per week except during 15 December- 15 January and 1 June - 30 September when you can work 40 hours.

Q - I want to do an unpaid internship, is that permitted?

A - Yes, you can do an unpaid internship but it cannot impact your attendance or studies as they are the first priority. 

Q - I have secured an internship based in another European country, can I do it?

A - Most likely no, the stamp 2 student visa only permits working in Ireland so unless you are able to obtain a different visa it will not be possible. Also if you have another course/module to take during the same time period you must be in Ireland. 

Q - I am on a different visa and not the stamp 2, can I do an internship?

A - You must adhere to the rules and permissions of the visa you are on. For more information on your visa please visit the immigration website here

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