How can I get learner feedback on a module/programme?

Michael Cleary-Gaffney
Michael Cleary-Gaffney
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Learner feedback is essential for assuring and enhancing quality at programme and module levels, by creating a formal opportunity for learners to examine, reflect and evaluate the overall operation of the module/programme during the academic year.

Module Feedback 

Obtaining learner feedback can occur both formally (e.g., through the use of surveys; class representative meetings) or informally (obtained in class discussions). 

NCI will be obtaining formal feedback from learners through the use of Module Evaluation Surveys (to be reintroduced in April 2023).

Programme Feedback 

Currently, academic staff can get learner feedback on academic programmes from using data obtained from the survey. Please contact the QIE office (QIE@NCIRL.IE) to get access to this data. 

Programme teams can also get learners feedback on the programme through issuing of anonymous surveys to current students. The QIE office can support programme teams in developing and facilitating the administration of these programme surveys. Please contact the QIE office (QIE@NCIRL.IE) if you wish to issue a Programme Evaluation Survey.   

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