What is the process for retiring a programme?

Michael Cleary-Gaffney
Michael Cleary-Gaffney
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Programme Directors are asked to complete a Programme Retirement Form (PRF) for proposals to formally retire a programme from the NCI portfolio. The Programme Lifecycle Management (PLM) Executive Sub-Group (ESG), chaired by the Vice-President, will consider all PRF forms within two weeks of submission to the Quality and Institutional Effectiveness Office (QIE), to ensure all proposals are considered in a timely manner.

This form should be used in the following circumstances:

  1. Suspend recruitment to a programme for a fixed period (programme suspension);
  2. Close a programme and cease recruitment permanently where there are existing students on the programme (programme withdrawal); and/or
  3. close a programme that does not have any existing students and where the School has reached a decision to no longer offer the programme (programme closure).

The PRF Form should be counter-signed by the Dean/Director of CELL/Director of ELI (as appropriate), to confirm support for the proposal at a School/Centre level. Programme proposers will be invited to attend the respective PLM ESG discussion to discuss their proposal. The role of the PLM ESG is to reach a decision on whether the programme proposal is recommended for suspension/withdrawal/closure.


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