What support services are available to me?

Sarah Missaoui
Sarah Missaoui
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NCI offers a number of academic support services to students.

Learning Support Service

The Learning Support Service offers a “Getting to Grips” drop-in service where you can discuss your academic concerns around writing, referencing, note-taking, researching, exam-revision and general focus on academic advancement. You will be supported with an onsite tutor located in Student Support Office, Ground Floor, NCI Campus.

Getting to Grips

Getting to Grips services are available Mondays 4-7pm, Tuesdays 4-7pm and Wednesdays 1-3pm.

Mathematics Support Service

The Mathematics Support Service offers programme workshops on quantitative methods, mathematics and research methods. Workshops usually run over the five weeks before examination start.

Library Help Centre

The Library Help Centre also offers personalised academic support to students. They are located on the Ground Floor, NCI Campus or you can contact them directly by emailing libraryhelpcentre@ncirl.ie.

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