When do I enrol on my course and start?

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Course Enrolment

On-site enrolment will not take place for students commencing courses in September 2023. Instead students must register online, and obtain their student card using the photo card app as outlined in Step 3 above. 


Orientation will take place on campus over the 11th - 15th of September 2023. Dates and times of orientation sessions for each group will be listed below, so please check back for further updates.
For the purposes of safety and to improve your experience, courses may be broken into groups. Exact details of your orientation session will be emailed to you, using the email address you provided when applying through the CAO or directly to the College.


Course Orientation Date Orientation Time
BA in Business(BAHBMD) - Group 1, Surname A-M 11th September 2023 9am - 12.30pm
BA in Business(BAHBMD) - Group 2, Surname N-Z 11th September 2023 10.30pm - 2pm
BA in Marketing Practice(BAHMKT),
BA in Human Resource Managemnet(BAHHRM)
11th September 2023 12pm - 3.30pm
BA in Accounting & Finance(BAHACF),
Higher Certificate in Business(HCBS)
11th September 2023 1.30pm - 5pm
BA in Psychology(BAHPSYCH) 12th September 2023 9am - 12.30pm
BSc in Computing(BSHC) 12th September 2023 10.30pm - 2pm
BA in Early Childhood Education(BAHECE) 12th September 2023 12pm -3.30pm
BSc in Data Science(BSCDA),
Higher Cert in Computing(HCC),
Higher Cert in Data Science(HCDA)
12th September 2023 12pm -3.30pm
Higher Diploma in Computing  13th Sept 2023 4pm


*All dates could be subject to change
**Group allocation will be provided by email.  


MSc in Data Analytics  13th Sept 2023 2pm
MSc in Fintech  13th Sept 2023 4pm
MSc in Artificial Intelligence 13th Sept 2023 4pm
MSc in AI for Business  13th Sept 2023 4pm
Higher Diploma in Computing  13th Sept 2023 4pm
MA in HRM 14st Sept 2023 10am
MSc in Accounting  14th Sept 2023 10am
MSc in Management 14th Sept 2023 10am
MSc in International Business 14th Sept 2023 10am
MSc in Entrepreneurship  14th Sept 2023 10am
MSc in Finance  14th Sept 2023 10am
MSc in Marketing 14th Sept 2023 10am
MSc in Cloud Computing  14th Sept 2023 12pm
MSc in Cyber Security  14th Sept 2023 12pm


*All dates could be subject to change.

All Orientation sessions as mentioned above will begin in the Kelly Theatre on our IFSC Campus.

For any questions on your orientation please email: orientation@ncirl.ie.

Start Dates

All full-time, daytime undergraduate and postgraduate courses will commence the week beginning 18th September 2023. (Please note that all dates are subject to change and students are advised to check their timetable regularly as the start of term approaches).

Semester One timetables will be made available from the Timetable section of the website in September, so please ensure you check your timetable to confirm the date and time of your first class.

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