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Faye Mcginley
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Who needs to be attending classes?

All students should be attending all classes, tutorials, practicals, and labs.


When do I need to be attending classes from?

All students must attend classes from the begining of the semester which will start on January 22nd, 2024.


What happens if I start to miss classes?

If you begin to miss classes and disengage from your programme, you will be contacted by the student support team who will then assist you in rengaging with your programme. If you do not engage with the support team on this issue this will be noted on any report required by the visa office


What is the minimum attendance requirement? 

Students are expected and advised to attend 100% of their scheduled classes. 


What if I am sick or cannot attend for another reason? 

If you cannot attend your class, please complete the Absence Registration form and upload your certification. Students are advised to retain certification for their own personal records should it be required by the Immigration Office.


Can I take holidays during my course?  

Holidays are not permitted during scheduled class time. Please consult the Academic Calendar for semester dates. 

Please note NCI cannot provide or grant permission for students to travel during their programme so if you must do so it is at your own risk.

Important note for students on a stamp 2 Visa  - Attendance is requirement of the student visa and missing classes could jeopardise future renewals. If you decide to go ahead with your travels, please be advised that NCI cannot intervene with any decisions made by immigration regarding your visa status.


What will happen if I do not attend my classes? 

If you are deemed to have low engagement, the Student Support office will make contact with you multiple times during each semester. If there is no improvement in your attendance and engagement, you will be required to meet with Support Staff.

Continued low engagement may result in your registration at NCI being withdrawn and may have implications for your Student Visa.


Who can I contact if I am having problems engaging with my programme?

Any member of the Student Support team would be happy to get you renegaged with your programme. We offer a number of personal and academic supports which students can avail of. You can either drop into the Student Support office or alternatively you can log a ticket through the NCI Support Hub requesting support to rengage with your programme.

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