How do I log my attendance at class?

Faye Mcginley
Faye Mcginley
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This information and guide is for International Students with Student Visa Obligations.

  1. Login into Moodle 


To access Moodle open the MyApps Portal and login using your NCI student account username and password. 

Username format

Your username will be in the following format:

Your password will be your NCI account password.

Select the Moodle app


The MyApps Portal will display all your required apps including Moodle, once signed in select and open the Moodle app.



2. Select the relevant module you are logging your attendance for

3. Click on the Attendance Activity on your module page 




4. A list of Attendance Sessions will appear, click SUBMIT ATTENDANCE on the relevant session

Note: You will only be able to complete this task if you are on campus in attendance at your scheduled class 




5. Select “P” for Present to register your attendance and click “Save Changes”


6. Your attendance has been successfully registered! You will be redirected to a summary of your sessions and you will see you are noted as present for this session.4..PNG



7. You can get a summary of your attendance for this module by clicking on “All courses” 




If you have trouble registering your attendance please visit the Student Support office to physically log your attendance. This can only be done on the same day as your scheduled class. If you have any queries please email

If you have further queries please visit out Attendance Monitoring FAQ article 

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