How do I access the Unconscious Bias Training?

Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes
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1. To enrol on the Unconscious Bias Training Moodle page and attempt the training please click here and select Enrol me button.

2. Once you have enrolled you will land on the Unconscious Bias Training Moodle homepage. To start the training please click on the Click here to begin Training link.

3. Now click on Normal and select the Enter button.

4. Your browser may have popup blocker installed, if this is the case and you see the message below click the Launch Course button.

5. The course will open in a new pop-up browser page. You can now start the training. You can close the training at any time and restart it again, it will remember and save your progress.

Please note: To find this Moodle page after enrolling just open the Moodle page by clicking here and under Course overview you will see the Unconscious Bias Training page along with the other Moodle pages your enrolled on.

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