How do I exit with a postgraduate award?

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To exit with a Postgraduate Diploma, international students must follow specific steps and meet certain criteria. Here is a detailed breakdown of the process:

1. Confirm eligibility

Students must:

  1. Confirm with the Exams Office that there is a full-time postgraduate award for their programme
  2. Confirm that the postgraduate diploma is listed on  ILEP if you wish to apply for the 1G Visa

Important Note.  The following programmes are not listed on ILEP.  Students who exit with a Post Graduate Diploma for these awards WILL NOT be eligible to apply for the 1G visa.

2. Meet exit criteria

Students must meet these criteria:

  1. Achieve the required credits
  2. Pass the required modules
  3. Be registered for a minimum of 1 year (early exit is not permitted for international students)

Students can refer to the programme information page to confirm the required credits and modules. If no Post Graduate Diploma exists, please contact the Exams Office via the NCI Support Hub.


3. Application process

Students must apply to exit within 7 days of exam results being published (February, June, or October).

Complete the Exit Award Application Form on the Support Hub and submit it within the deadline:

  1. Sign in to the NCI Support Hub
  2. Select ‘Submit a request’
  3. Choose ‘Exams office’ as the department
  4. Select request type ‘Exit Award Application Form’
  5. Fill it in and click ‘Submit’

Exit Processing Timeline:

Exit requests are not immediate and will be processed according to the established timelines on the table below.

  • Notification: Once processed, you will receive a Transcript and Confirmation of Exit Letter from the Exams Office

Ensure your address in Ireland is up-to-date in the MyDetails system.

  • 1G Visa application: after the exit with Postgraduate Diploma is approved, students can apply for the 1G Visa

Please see How do I apply for the 1G Visa?


Dates to apply for a postgraduate award Earliest date for Transcript and to apply for a 1G visa QQI certificate available Graduation Ceremony


Within 7 days of exam results being published

From mid-March After May Spring graduation


Within 7 days of exam results being published

From mid-July Graduation ceremony Autumn graduation


Within 7 days of exam results being published

From mid-November **QQI certs will be available early the following year Autumn graduation


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