How do I repeat by attending?

Sheila Mahon
Sheila Mahon
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Students that fail at first attempt and first repeat sitting must repeat by attending classes. This is a requirement from NCI as it gives students the best chance at succeeding.



It is strongly recommended that Students apply for feedback on their failed module. To do this students must follow the process and timelines required to register for feedback with Academic Operations.


Register to Repeat

Repeat registrations are processed by the Exams office. Complete the online repeat registration form and submit the completed form within the deadline. Registration is not immediate and can take a few days. Students must confirm the repeat strategy for their repeat modules with Academic Operations as only they can confirm when and how you will repeat modules.


Student Visa Renewal

For the visa renewal process international students require a letter from NCI. This letter must the students academic performance for the previous year and when you expect to complete each module. Students must know the repeat strategy information before requesting their visa renewal letter from the International Office.

Please see the below article for information on how to request this letter and renew your student visa.

How do I Renew my Student Visa?



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