How do I transfer programme as an international student?

Sheila Mahon
Sheila Mahon
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Note: Students who started in January 2024.  The window of opportunity to transfer programme is no longer available as the latest dates were.

  • MSc Finance - 22 January 2024
  • All School of Computing Programmes - 29 January 2024
  • All other School of Business Programmes - 5 February 2024

When starting at NCI if an international student wishes to be considered for a change of course they must submit a request to International Support with the following information.

  • Student ID Number
  • The date they applied to NCI
  • The course they selected on their original application & why they selected it
  • The course they wish to transfer to, why they wish to transfer to the new course and why they did not apply for it in the first instance.
  • Confirm if they have registered with immigration
  • Completed transfer request form

Once received the request can only be considered if the following criteria can be met.

  1. The admissions team confirm that the student meets the academic entry requirements for the new course
  2. The admissions team confirm that there is a seat available on the new course
  3. The student has not registered with immigration
  4. The student can meet the latest start date as confirmed by the School of Business or School of Computing for all new International Students.  Note the latest start date is confirmed by the Dean of School for each new intake, however as an indicative guide it is generally one week for School of Computing programmes and  two weeks for School of Business programmes.
  5. It should be noted that students in the School of Business for Post Graduate programmes that are delivered by block delivery, will have to defer the first module and will not graduate with their class.
  6. Scholarships that are programme specific (e.g. 50% Scholarship for MSc  Entrepreneurship) are not transferrable to a new programme.

-If the request is refused at this stage the student must continue with their current course. If the student wishes to withdraw from NCI they should note the refund policy on the NCI website.

-If the request to transfer to another course is accepted, the student will be transferred to their new course. The student will have to make up for all the classes they missed or defer their first module if it is delivered in block delivery mode (note point 5 above). The International Support team will issue the student with a new letter for registration with immigration, for their student visa. However, students should refer to the Irish Immigration Service FAQs for guidance on change of course. There is no guarantee that the visa will be issued to the student as INIS expect students to register for the same course their entry visa was issued for.

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