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Moving forward all National College of Ireland Boards and Committee groups will be based within a Teams page. If you cant see the committee team page under your Team's tab within the Microsoft Teams application please contact the committee chair and ask them to give you access. All chat, announcements and file storage will now take place within the Committee team. Meetings can remain separate to the team to better enable guest access.  

Finding the Team

To find the Team open your Microsoft Team application and ensure your signed in, if you don't have the Teams application follow this article to download.

Once signed in you will see all the teams you are assigned to by clicking on the Teams icon on the left hand menu pane. To open the Team just left click on the Team name, in this example below the team name is Academic


Guest Access

If you are a Guest of NCI and do not have an NCI account you can also be added to a team and join it via your Personal email account. Here is a short video on how to do this: How to join a team as a guest in Microsoft Teams.

You can also join a Teams meeting as a guest, please see this short video: How to join a Microsoft Teams meeting as a guest

How to access files within the Team

Teams storage using sharepoint to store all it files and folders security. Any member of a teams channel will have access to all the files stored in the files section of any Team. 

To locate all the files within a team you need to open the Team and navigate to the files tab at the top of the page. 


Note: To add files here you can drag and drop from your device or click the +New tab to create a new Word or excel document.

Sharing files within the team

If you need to share files with users with members of the committee or non- members you can. To do this you need to click on the file you want to share and then select the Copy Link tab from the top. 


Note: Before you copy the link please ensure your sharing settings are correct.

If you are sharing with members of the committee team then the "People with existing access" setting is correct. 

If you were sharing with non members of the team then you need to select "Specific people" and enter the users email address to give them access to that specific file or folder. 

Finally once your ready to share the link click on the Copy button and paste the link into an email to send around. 


For more information on SharePoint sharing see here

Start a conversation or make an Announcement in the chat

You can start conversations within the team or make announcements. Only members of the Teams will see these messages. To make a post just open the team and click on the Posts tab. Now select New conversation or Announcement and start typing the message. 

Note: To notify all members of the message just add @ followed by the name of the team you want to notify or the individuals you want to notify. When the message is ready to send click the send button (arrow symbol) at the bottom right. 


Setting up a meeting for the Team

When setting up a Teams meeting you can follow the standard setup protocall found here: How do I create a Teams meeting?

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