Where can I access my results?

Sinead Kavanagh
Sinead Kavanagh
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Registered students can access their end of Semester results through MyDetails.

If you cannot access results, please note the following:

  • If you cannot login to MyDetails, and your account is in good standing, please visit the IT Services section of the NCI Website for helpful information and how to guides and videos for accessing your account and managing your login details.
  • You can also update your password here
  • If you have completed all your modules and you do not have an overall result, please log a ticket with the Examinations Office through the NCI Support Hub.  If you already have a request open please reply to the email thread of that ticket.
  • If students are unable to access results and have outstanding fees they should contact the Fees Office at 4498566/4498569/5840408. Students will not be able to pay online while their results are being with-held so should contact the Fees Office by phone/email to pay fees.

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