How do I close breakout rooms in Teams?

Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes
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When you close the breakout rooms, the participants return to the main meeting.

Note: If you turned off the Automatically move people into opened rooms setting (see Turn off automatic entry to breakout rooms), participants will have the option of returning to the main meeting or leaving the meeting when the rooms are closed.

To close rooms individually

  • Select More options  More options icon  next to the room, and then Close room.

To close all the rooms at the same time

  • Select Close rooms.

You'll know rooms have successfully closed when their status changes to Closed.

When everyone is back from their breakout rooms and you're ready to meet as a larger group again, select Resume.


  • Breakout rooms remain open until the organizer manually closes them, unless the organizer set a timer.

  • If the rooms are reopened later in the meeting, participants keep the same room assignments they had before.

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