How do I Interact with breakout room participants in Teams?

Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes
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As meeting organizer, you can join any of the breakout rooms, contribute to any of the room chats, and send announcements to everyone.

Join a breakout room

Select More options  More options icon next to the room and then Join room.

To leave a room, select Return.

Send an announcement to all breakout rooms

You may want to send announcements to give time updates, for example, or share discussion prompts.

1. Select More options  More options icon  at the top of the Breakout rooms pane and then select Make an announcement.

Select Make an announcement

2. Enter your announcement and select Send.

Participants will receive a notification in their meeting chat to check for your announcement.

Chat in breakout rooms

Each breakout room has its own chat, and all of the chats are available in your main Teams Chat list.

Chat from main Chat area

Here you can chat with the members of any breakout room.

Once you’ve joined a breakout room, you can also select Chat  Chat icon in the room to chat with the people there.

Note: When the breakout room closes, the room chat ends and cannot be continued. However, you'll still be able to view the chat history and any shared files.

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