How do I start a meeting in a Teams channel?

Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes
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Once you have been added to a channel you can start a meeting at any stage, this meeting will be displayed in the Team channel when the meeting has started. 

Step 1.

Open the team in which you want start the Online class meeting. 


Step 2.

Once in the Team click Meet at top right, enter the name of the meeting and select join now to start the meeting. 



  • Do this 5 minutes before meeting and stay on mute until class begins.
  • Make sure you give your meeting a unique name like “meeting with your name
  • Guest Organizers cannot schedule meetings they can only start instant meetings within a team.

Step 3.

You will now be in the Meeting and students will begin to join. The Teams page will display a notice on the homepage allowing students to join that meeting.


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