How to join a Teams channel meeting and add classes to my Calendar?

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If the lecturer has asked you to join a channel meeting you must navigate to the team and channel yourself as you won't see this in your calendar (You will have the option to add to your calendar). In this article Part 1 will show you how to join the online class and Part 2 will show you how to add the class to your calendar so you can access it that way going forward, please take your time to read the article in full.

Part 1. (How to Join the Online Class)

Step 1.

You will need to check your myTimetable app first to find out when your class is on,make a note of when the class is about to start so you can join the Team and the online class in time. You will only need to do this once before the start of each class. You can then add the series of classes to your calendar and going forward all you need to do is click into your calendar to join the class (this will be explained in Part 2

What is myTimetable

Step 2.

Ensure you are using the Teams application, open the teams app and click on the teams icon on the left hand side. This will open up all the teams linked to your account and should match the modules on your Moodle page. Each module in Moodle will have its own Team.

Step 3. 

Open the Team associated with the online class your looking to join, for example if you were looking to join the online class for the Career Development and Employability module then you would select that Team with the same name. As mentioned already the name of the Team will match your Modules in Moodle, be sure to click the correct one. 


Step 4.

Now inside the Team you will see a tab at the top called Channel Calendar, left click on the tab and you will see a calendar open below showing the upcoming class schedule. 


Step 5.

To join the online class left click on the calendar event and select Join.


Part 2. (How to Add the Online Class to your personal Teams Calendar)

To add the event to your calendar just repeat Step 5, but this time double left click on the event in the calendar and you will see this screen. 

** First click on View Series. (IMPORTANT)

Now up the top left just click on +Add to Calendar. You will see this change to Accepted. If you navigate to your calendar in Teams you will see the event has been added and you can now join events from your calendar going forward, for more information on this see How do I join a Microsoft Teams meeting from the Calendar? You only need to do this once per Team/Module and it will add all the classes for the entire semester to your calendar. 

Alternative: If you have been added to a Team page after online classes have been setup you will receive an email once added to the team about upcoming events. Keep an eye out for these emails. If you see it coming in click the Add event to my calendar button. 


If you have any technical issues be sure to Submit a request via the NCI Support Hub.

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