Getting started with Teams and online classes?

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Paul Hughes
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If you are new to using Teams and have not yet joined an online class this guide will direct you to the correct articles on getting started with Teams. It will also guide you to articles on how to locate your classes and where to find the recordings of your online classes.

It is recommended that staff and students only use the Teams desktop client version when joining online Teams classes. Any issues relating to using teams on a browser will not be supported. 

Part 1. Accessing your Online Class.

  1. To access your online class the first thing you need to do is download the Teams application on your Laptop, Mobile or Smart Device. To do this follow this guide: How do I download Microsoft Teams?
  2. Now you just need to sign into the Teams application with your student credentials. Please see this article for more information on your student account and what your login details look like. To sign into Teams please follow this guide: How do I sign into Microsoft Teams?
  3. Now after signing into Teams you need to locate the online class invite in your calendar, please follow this guide: How do I view my upcoming online classes in Teams calendar and Join?
  4. You should now be able to sign into Teams, Locate your class within the calendar and Join. If for some reason you do not see the events in your calendar please see below.

I don't see any classes in my Teams calendar?

If you cannot see the online classes in your Teams calendar as suggested in Part 1 please do not worry. Follow this article to Join the class and add the events to your calendar going forward: How to Join a Teams Channel Meeting and Add Classes to my Calendar?

Part 2. Accessing your Online Class Recordings.

You can access your class recordings by following this article: How do I find my online class recordings Please note that recordings made on Teams prior to the 28th of August can be located on your Moodle page providing the lecturer has posted them here. 

Hopefully you have now accessed and been able to watch a recording of your online class. 

If you have any IT related issues when accessing your classes or video recordings please submit a request to the IT Department by following this guide: How do I submit a request in the NCI Support Hub?

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