How do I view my upcoming online classes in Teams calendar?

Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes
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When it's time to join an online class you can locate the class by signing into the Teams application and navigating to calendar. Below is a step by step guide on how to find the class and join it. 

Step 1.

After signing into the Teams application navigate to the the Calendar tab on the left hand side. 


Step 2. 

Locate your class in the calendar under the date and time scheduled and left click on the event, Now select the Join Button.


Step 3.

After you click Join you will be presented with the Video and Audio section (you have not joined yet so nobody can see or hear you), you can turn on your camera to check its working and make sure your headphone and speakers are all working. Now when you are ready to join the live online class select the Join now button at the bottom right. 


Step 4. 

You have now Joined the online class.


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