How do I use the NCI Support Hub knowledgebase search?

Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes
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When you access the NCI Support Hub homepage you will be presented with a search bar with the title Questions? We have answers above it. 

Searching the Support Hub

Click on the search bar and start typing your question. The search bar will bring up article suggestions. If these do not match your search then you can click enter on your device to be brought to the full search results pages. 


Results Page

If you click enter after typing your question you will be brought to the results page. The results pages will show you all the articles found relating to your question or key words found in your question. 

The example below shows that 30 results were found for the entry "Timetable". To open the article just left click on the title. 


If no results are found for your question the system will direct you to Submit a Request. This will be picked up by the relevant department. 

How do I access and sign into the NCI Support Hub?

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