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NCI has a partnership with SV Fitness Health Club which is located on the grounds of the college, just around the corner from Fresh. All students can avail of a discounted rate to access the excellent fitness facilities SV Fitness offers.

Full-time undergraduate students – must pay €80 gym membership as part of their registration Fee. The discounted gym memberships for full-time students are mandatory as it was voted in by the students via the last Students Union referendum.

Part-time students – the gym membership is not included in your fees; however, if students would like to avail of the discounted membership, they can pay €80 to the fees department and contacting to be placed on the memberships list.

Repeat by attending students – Students who are returning to complete modules can avail of the discounted gym membership by paying the €80 to the fees department and contacting


What facilities are on offer in SV Fitness

SV Fitness offers the following:

  • Treadmills, arc-trainer, rowing machines, bikes, steppers.
  • Machine weights and free weights
  • Aerobics and Spinning Studio
  • Classes held daily (all included in the price - a timetable of classes can be found here - )
  • Free assessment to aid you in achieving your goal
  • Changing rooms: individual showers in each, hair dryers, lockers, stand-up sunbed
  • Sauna and steam rooms

What are the Opening Hours for SV Fitness

Monday to Friday 7am to 9.30pm
Saturdays & Sundays 10am to 2pm


I’m a full-time student who has a medical condition or disability that prevents me from being able to use the gym, do I have to pay the gym fee?

If a student has a medical condition/disability that prevents them from using the gym, they can apply for special dispensation from the gym membership. Requests should be submitted through the Support Hub.


Where is the gym located?

The gym is located to the rear of NCI. Students can get to it in 2 ways:

Option 1: Exit NCI through the main door, take a right down the road towards Fresh. After Fresh take another right and SV Fitness is just up the right-hand side.


Option 2: From the atrium, students should walk through the quad, exiting through the turnstile. SV fitness can be found just to the left of the turnstile.


When does the gym membership end?

For September start students the membership goes from September to 31st August the following year(1 academic year)

For January start students gym memberships go from the start date of your course until 31st December.


What do I do if SV Fitness says I’m not on the current active students list?

All full-time undergrads must pay their €80 gym fee before they can access the gym. If you have done so but are being told you are not on their list, please let us know by submitting a request to Student Support through the Support Hub. 

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