What is the Sensory Room

Ann Fogarty
Ann Fogarty
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The Sensory Room is a dedicated space within the college for students who struggle with sensory difficulties. This space allows students to relax and regulate their senses at times when they may feel overstimulated.

The Sensory Room in NCI is located in Executive 5 in our Mayor Square campus.


Within this room, students will be able to avail of the following features in the room:

  • Sensory pod, which houses an interactive screen/multimedia system, comfortable mattress, ambient lighting and noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Remote-controlled vibration pad
  • Blackout blinds
  • Noise-cancelling headphone
  • Colour-changing infinity panels
  • Bean bags and couches
  • Weighted lap pads
  • A variety of lighting and sound options

If a student wishes to access the Sensory Room, they can request access through Student Support Office on the ground floor or by emailing studentsupport@ncirl.ie

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