How do I format documents for printing?

Andrew Carleton
Andrew Carleton
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The printers around the NCI campus are stocked with A3 & A4 paper. Therefore, in order to print a document, it will have to be formatted into the A3 or A4 sizes. Printing in a size other than this will result in your document disappearing from the print queue and an insert paper error message appearing. Below are the steps required to format either a Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents for print.


  1. First open the word document you want to print
  2. Navigate to the Layout tab
  3. Select Size
  4. Select either A4 or A3
  5. Save and then print your document



  1. Open the PowerPoint you wish to print
  2. Navigate to the Design tab
  3. Select Slide Size then Custom Slide Size
  4. In the Slides Sized For dropdown menu select A3 or A4
  5. Click Ok
  6. Save and print your document 



Open the PDF file you want to print in Adobe Acrobat

  1. Click File and then Print
  2. In the Printer dropdown menu select Adobe PDF
  3. Next select Page Setup
  4. In the Size dropdown select either A4 or A3 then click OK
  5. Click print
  6. Name the new PDF
  7. Print this new PDF through the MyPrintCenter app



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