Guidelines for Online Exams

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Important: This information relates to online end of term examinations only, information regarding online CA's and TABA's should be confirmed with your lecturer.


Examination Timetable

  • The examination timetable will be published approximately 4-6 weeks prior to each scheduled exam session. 
  • The timetable can be access on the Exams section of the NCI Website
  • The location column on the timetable will indicate if you exam is to be completed in person or online
  • If your examination is to be completed online, the link in the timetable will bring you to the Online Exams Moodle page

Online Examination Location

Online terminal examinations run from the Online Exams Moodle page

Accessing Examination Papers

Examination papers will be made available to students on the day of the exam, approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time noted on the timetable. 

Up until the release time, you will see a message link this under each exam date

What format will my exam be?

Examinations can be in various formats e.g. MCQ's, long answer questions etc. For information on the format of your examination, please contact your lecturer.

Will my exam be proctored?

NCI uses an online proctoring service (RPNow) for selected exams. You will be notified well in advance of the examination if your exam will be be proctored with detailed instructions and requirements for the same. Unless notified, all other online exams will not be proctored.  

Who to contact for supports

  • The Exams Office will be contactable via the NCI Support Hub if you have any questions regarding enrolling or if you have any access or technical issues during your exam
  • Your lecturer can answer any questions about the content or format of the exam

What to do if you have difficulties uploading your completed examination

  • Students who experience any issues uploading their completed examination should contact the Exams Office within 30 minutes of the exam finish time.
  • The email must include their complete examination paper as an attachment
  • If the completed examination paper is not included in the email there is no guarantee the paper will be marked.

What communication will I receive regarding my online examination?

The Exams Office will send the following communication to students prior to online exams

  • Email once the examination timetable has been published
  • Email approximately 3 days prior to the online examination with a link and reminder to enroll
  • Email once the examination paper has been published on Moodle

What examination regulations should I follow?

  • Online examinations are considered 'closed book' unless otherwise confirmed by your lecturer.
  • Students should sit in a room on their own with no other distractions
  • Students should not access other materials including online information or notes, AI tools, messaging platforms etc.
  • Students should not have their phone accessible during an examination
  • Students found in breach of the Examination Regulations will be referred to the Registrar's Office for the disciplinary process





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