Adding an Academic Award from NCI to your LinkedIn Profile

Roisin Doherty
Roisin Doherty
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For those students who have achieved an academic award from NCI and have received the digital badge for this award to your email, please find below brief instructions on adding it to your LinkedIn profile.


Open your Profile in edit mode and choose the Add Profile Section if you have not already created this for your LinkedIn Profile:

Linkedin 1.jpg


Expand Add to Profile, then expand Additional, and choose the option “Add Honors and Awards”


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The following screen will appear and you can enter the following:

Linkedin 3.png

Title: Dean’s Honour List Recipient

Issuer: National College of Ireland

Issue Date: November 2023

Description: The Dean’s Honour List seeks to honour those award year students who have performed to an exceptional level throughout the academic year. Awarded to graduating students who have achieved an average overall grade of 70% or more.


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