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Roisin Doherty
Roisin Doherty
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For those students instructed to complete any of their Exams in the Online Exams Moodle page, the first step is to enrol yourself in the page on Moodle. You can do this by following this link and clicking the Enrol Me button while signed into your Moodle, or you can follow the instructions below:


When you sign into Moodle, this is what your page will look like:


Enrol in Moodle 1.png


Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see All Courses

Enrol in Moodle 2.png

In the search bar you can type “Online Exams 2023/24” and enter.

This is the Course that you will be enrolling in: Click on the link highlighted here.

Enrol in Moodle 3.png

Once you open this link, there will be a blue button that says ‘Enrol me’ click the button and you should now have access to the Moodle page.

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