Repeat for Professional Exemption (BAHACF)

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Sarah Kelly
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Following the completion of the BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance programme, students will have the opportunity to apply for exemptions from the examinations of professional accounting bodies based on the completion of particular modules on the course.

In order to receive the professional accountancy exemptions, you must pass all exemptions modules over the 3 year programme (exemption modules per year noted below).

Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI) require students to achieve a grade of 50% or higher in exemptions module. If you have achieved a grade of less than 50% in any of the exemption modules, you have one opportunity to repeat the module for professional (CAI) exemption purposes in the August Repeat Exam Session

Students who wish to Repeat for Exemption purposes must complete the Repeat for Professional Exemption Registration Form (emailed to students after Semester Two results release in June each year). 

Please note, if you choose to Repeat for Exemption on a module which you have passed (grade of 40% or higher), the repeat grade will not appear on your programme transcript, you will be issued with a separate transcript for the repeat for exemption module(s).

1st Year  

  • Financial Accounting 1 
  • Business Law for Accounting & Finance

2nd Year  

  • Financial Accounting 2 
  • Management Accounting 1 
  • Taxation 1
  • Corporate Finance  
  • Company Law for Accounting & Finance

3RD Year

  • Management Accounting 2 
  • Taxation 2
  • Taxation 3 
  • Derivative & Risk Management (This module is not required for all professional bodies. Please check your chosen Institution at the links below.)
  • Financial Reporting  
  • Auditing & Assurance

Exemption criteria are subject to change, students and graduates should check with the relevant professional bodies for the up-to-date criteria.


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