How do I get a fees receipt?

Sheila Mahon
Sheila Mahon
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Once a payment has been made to NCI students can request a fees receipt. Depending on what student type you are there are 2 different ways to obtain this.

In both cases please allow 5 working days for the receipt to be issued.


New International Student

If you are a New International Student please email

Students that are starting for the 1st time at NCI.


Progressing International Student

If you are a Progressing International Student please email 

Students that are;

  • Progressing from year 1 to year 2
  • Progressing from year 2 to year 3
  • Progressing from year 3 to year 4
  • Progressing from Undergraduate to new degree
  • Repeating exams

For International Students renewing their student visa please also see - Statement of Account

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